a trip to the artist’s studio


Ortikali Kozokov’s studio is not like the usual studio of artists. Here you won’t find sketches and irregular color combinations that remind you of the examples of bow arrows in a warrior’s bow, the poet’s unsuccessful poems folded on white paper. No matter how amazing it is, there is always order and neatness in the artist’s studio. Nothing in it seems unnecessary or superfluous. Rather, they all have the same proportions as the colors and shapes in the artist’s paintings.




Ortikali Kozokov is a representative of the generation that entered Uzbek painting in the nineties of the last century. National values ​​and traditions specific to our people, Eastern classical literature, and folklore became the main source for him, just like the painters who tried to fundamentally change the concept of national painting and discover new horizons of art.

Although it is difficult to label the paintings created as a result of these creative experiments with a famous “ism”, the artist says that they can be evaluated as examples of creativity that are connected with the traditions of the avant-garde in a broad sense.

The last thirty years have been full of creative developments for O. Kozokov. Like some artists, he did not want to be limited in the world of oriental symbolism, allegory and metaphors. The research process started the artist towards new creative horizons.

long with most of the talented artists of our country, Ortikali Kozokov regularly participates in foreign exhibitions. None of the exhibitions and creative meetings held in Europe, East Asia, and Africa will be in vain. The artist does not hesitate to draw on white paper what he has seen in any country of the world. Ortikali said that time is very busy during foreign trips. You won’t even have time to make a draft copy of the scene you like.

Among the various examples of works created in the years when Ortikali Kozokov began his great work, there is a series of works in which colors such as black and blue are widely used. “Conversation with the Future”, “Old Yard”, “Cry of Trouble”, “Trap”, “Lost Moon”, “Silence”… These paintings hide some kind of danger, depression, heart-wrenching doubts and suspicions.

The artist’s studio is a place of such strange events. It is not a miracle that miracles happen in it. In it, the world of imagination knows no bounds, colors enter the language like people, they rejoice and suffer. After all, this place is not an ordinary place of creativity. The angels of inspiration of artist Ortikali Kozokov fly in this sky.

Azizkhan Imomov,

Member of the Union of Artists of Uzbekistan, art critic